I'm Jeff. I live in Portland, Oregon with my wife Robin and our awesome Golden Retriever Uma. By day I'm a civil engineer serving the public as Public Works Director in Tualatin,  a medium sized town located south of Portland. In my free time, I make things, garden, cook, rock climb, run, ride bikes, drink wine and beer, eat really good food, buy arts and crafts, and live a good life. I love the mountains, forests, desert, ocean, and my job.

I've been making things since I was a child. I grew up in a family that made things. We also raised sheep, cows, chickens, rabbits, bees, and fruits and vegetables. I learned to weld before I was in high school and I helped my dad work on cars and our tractor. It seems like we were always building or fixing something. 

I started woodworking around 2000 when we were living in Seattle, When we moved to Bend in 2003, I bought my first lathe and made my first tiny bowl, which we still use as a salt pig. 

I love watching the forms develop as I turn a piece of wood. I really like making art people can use. We have been using the same redwood salad bowl I made more than ten years ago. We rinse it with cool water after we use it and every so often I wipe it with walnut oil. 

I use a variety of finishes, all food safe. For "art pieces" I use  Waterlox VOC Compliant Satin Finish, which is a tung oil based finished. I also use Tried and True Original Finish, which is a blend of polymerized linseed oil & beeswax. 

Take a look at the photos on my web page. If you see something you like, reach out to me.  

Thanks for looking.