2019 - Where has it gone?

It is hard for me to believe it is already July. January this year seemed like the longest month ever. But, the rest of the year flew by. We were SOOO busy at work and at home that I haven’t had time to update my website or even post on social media. It has been a crazy year.

On the home front, we bought a new (to us) home in the West Hills of Portland. We’re in the Sylvan Highland neighborhood.

It is a really cool house nestled in Portland’s maple forests at an elevation of 960’. It is the kind of place we would visit for a relaxing quiet vacation. Now we live here.

I love coming home. It is peaceful, relaxing and beautiful. Uma seems to love it too. She spends a lot of time laying on the upper deck surveying her domain (which for a dog is as far as she can see).

Of course, buying a new home meant selling our old home. That ended up being a fair bit of work that we accomplished in our spare time this spring. The home sale closed on June 28th. Since then I have been back in the wood shop catching up on the art I should have been making all year.

I have made some really cool pieces this year that I will post to my website when I get a chance. I finally turned a few bowls and hollow forms from some maple burl I picked up in Northern California many years ago.

I’m glad I waited to turn that wood until now. I am a much better woodturner than when I bought the wood from an old barn in California.

I’m looking forward to a slower pace for the rest of 2019.

Bend Fall Festival 2018

That was fun. I’ll write more about our trip to Bend shortly. In the meantime though, I was selected as best of show and awarded with a $750 check. What a great surprise.

Tualatin Art Splash 2018

I had a great first art show this weekend. It was a really fun event, although temperatures were 95+ for three days. I ended up getting third in the show and selling about $500 of art.

Kristin Shauck from Astoria was the judge. I really enjoyed talking with her and listening to her talk about the importance of art. I was surprised to get an award. There were many really talented artists. I was really a huge surprise when I was awarded 3rd overall. Kristin really seemed to like three dimensional art that you could feel. 

I really enjoyed the sense of community. It felt like all the artists were in it together. They were super welcoming to me as a first timer. I felt like I found my tribe.